Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Don't allow your potential be stolen                                         
By whispers in the night                                      
That make their way into the script that directs your soul                       
If you could see your Maker's idea of who you'll be                      
You would be so surprised                                        
It's not about confidence in yourself                                    
It's about knowing the position of royalty you've been given                               
By sheer default of having a family                                                  
A seat in heaven granted by the Father                                                
And that endues us with certain capabilities                                          
Beyond the scope of all imagining                                                   
Our existence is beyond the world, bigger than it's timeframe                               
We aren't subject to the definitions and limits we're handed                                 
Step outside the realm of the here and now and find                                   
Just what ways you can influence it                                                       
In the world and not of it, impacting those who are in it
Some of us will will be inventors, some of us will be strategists
some of us will write curriculum, some of us will take office
Not time to shrink back, we were meant to live large and fill out
Taking up full residence of this space, fulfilling our potential   
Not standing for any trick to distract or demoralize
Realizing it's not because of us, rather, because of Him we rise
To do what is our intrinsic design--our right as His offspring
There's an inherent authority, to exercise the gifts within   
To rightly discern and divide...what is productive, and what subtracts
Onward into the movements that matter, that bear long-lasting fruit

Years of Wonder

I can remember it just barely
Like flecks of light that pass over my floorboards
images of times long past
tempt my senses with a lure to remember

afternoons spent in daylight as a child
feet sprinkled by water, brushed by blades of grass
I was fearless and full of delight
Ever marveling at each new sight

It was the years of wonder
When the sky never ends
When days last so much longer
and possibilities.....limitless

Larger than life, conquering the world
By excavating it's mysteries
I just knew I'd find something worth discovering
Never removing my hand from the earth..

Born of Spirit, dead to Flesh

It's easier than that...It's closer to the heart
The original beat of things
The cusp of eternity..starts with a contact between God and human beings
Abraham knew how to speak..with His maker in reality
Breath to breath with Him who's given breath
This community..unity could not be trumped
by structures and entities
But, oh the promise led to a people yet conceived
Began a race who'd need
A marker to lead them out of high water and distaster
until the Kings of Kings came
to restore all things
To restore unbroken friendship like that of Abraham with God
To make us sons and daughters of a spoken covenant
To begin us again...out from under a temporary caretaker
Out from under the curse of sinful nature
A freedom to follow after the Spirit of the Creator
Born all over with a new heart and a new mind
His own thoughts echoing in the halls of our organs
His own ethics written on the walls of our frame
We are His and nothing separates us, no more distance
Death to anti-selfless kingdoms
Alive to His divine direction
Shrugging off the former tendencies
To find relief in this close-nit security


Child of Promise

I am a child of the promise
Before there were instructions, there was heart
Before a restriction, there was love
A friendship with Abraham made me a son
And now, I am born of all over again
430 years had passed before the guardian
Just to point to the way
But there's a time for all things
A season that brings an end
My help comes from Him who I entrust my heart
A friendship that overrides a government
He came to fulfill the system so I could walk with Him