Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Life in Italy - Day 1913 (2020) LEAVING the Farm to TRY a New Home

Venerdì 22 Maggio 2020
I woke up at 6:45 am. By 9:30 I had already deep cleaned the whole house: took the stains out of the kitchen sink, took stains out of shirts and bedsheets, cleaned stoves and counters, cleaned up the cat pee from the floor, removed all hair from the shower drains, swept floors & mopped floors, and darned two shirts
It cost me 78 USD to send my roommate 65 euro for bills due. Then I spent two hours praying over the entire terrain to remove every spirit of rage, rebellion, anger, curses declared against Paola from the past, arrogance and pride, witchcraft rejection and insecurity. I declared every part of this land property of Jesus and dedicated it to His Lordship where the absolute truth of His word reigns. I prayed that Paola experience joy and peace in all she does. 
Then I caressed the horses, gave water to the chickens because it was empty, cleaned the poop, picked up every piece of broken plastic that the wind had taken and strewn all across the fields where the goats eat. I also picked up rusted metal poles that were lying on the fields, which I believe are dangerous to the animals, and put them in one pile. 
Paola cooked a lovely soup made of Farro and the broth from last night’s pomegranate and turkey dinner. Let me tell you, it was equally as flavorful and delicious as last night. Then we took naps.  I slept until 3 pm! That’s when I heard the voice of her friend who has come to pick me up and transport me to his horse farm on the island of Caprera. I’m going there for 3 days to see if I want to live there next. First I pet Blu the female dog and cried because I will miss her so much!!! She opened up legs so I could pet her stomach. I can tell she has already been grieving that Antonio is gone so I wonder how she’ll feel now. I know I will suffer without her. Then I went one last time to caress the horses and in particular Rio and Campione. I cried again, unable to contain my tears. They both looked at me as if they felt my emotions and know what it happening. Their compassion is given to me in the way they receive my touch. They both leaned their heads on my shoulder. Can you believe it?  Campione, put his face on my chest. 
Alessandro gave me a mask and paid for my ferry ride to La Maddelena and then drove me to Caprera where only 46 people LIVE. It is 53 kilometers long and he owns Cavalla Marsala, a horse ranch there full of beautiful Arabian horses. They are lean and healthy. I pet one of them, a white male- purest white. Wow fascinating. Another friend of Alessandro’s, Giacomo, came by and hugged me, giving me a warm welcome. I was introduced also to Tore who paints boats and Paola from Rome who’s lived here on the island for 12 years. Alessandro lives in a big open room with ceremony floors and a loft like my grandma had, he gave me choice of beds. He told me he is a Christian who believes in God and Jesus Christ is his savior. What??? This is so amazing!!!!!
There is basil, parsley, mint, rosemary, and tomatoes growing in the yard along with those white flowers I love the smell of. I am so concerned about Paola and whether or not she can care for all the animals by herself! Especially since I found empty water containers this morning. 
I met and pet 3 precious little dogs here but one has flees and guess what? They jumped on me. Oh man what a torment. I washed my clothes and hair immediately. Mosquitos then bit me. Oh my word thank God Alessandro gave me something to burn so they would stop biting me. 
Then he served me and his worker of 11 years: fresh salad of mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, pasta with cozze (mussels) & tomato sauce, and fried eggs sunny side up with slices of LOCAL fresh melted cheese in it. We had great conversations and while eating a Merlo bird sang the most unique melody I have heard from a bird. We ate at a decent hour compared to at Paola’s. Here we are at 7:30 pm and went to bed at 9:30. I have no ability to make calls or use internet here which makes it more relaxing for the eyes and conducive to sleeping. I brought the mosquito killer by my bed which burns itself over time. BUT IT GAVE ME A HEADACHE so I put it’s fire out. The loft reminds me of my grandma’s house in the country. I fell asleep by imagining holding Blu the female dog in my arms, petting her. I miss her.
Then I woke up 2 hours later with both mosquitos and flees biting me. The flees are from Alessandro’s dog on whom I saw them and the saw them jump on my clothes. But he doesn’t want to admit it. The mosquitos are a result of a canal that runs directly behind my bedroom. There is also perpetually mold in the house for this same reason. 

Life in Italy - Day 1912 (2020) Trip to see Alberi Millenari & Eremo Trano

Giovedì 21 Maggio 2020
Today is my brother’s birthday! Wrote him a letter, woke at 7 am and hugged my host. Then I sat on the porch where I worshipped Jesus and let the sun warm my face arms and legs. Paola asked me how to heal the deep childhood wounds we have all suffered. I told her only the LOVE and presence of Jesus can go in there and heal us. Paola then took me on a voyage to see parts of Sardegna that are NOT at sea: a river of aqua dolce (sweet water) that is transparent and full of large smooth stones bigger than us, surrounded by trees whose bark glistens with glimmering refections of the water. 
Then she took me 650 meters above sea level to see a lake that is so pretty. It’s called Lake Liscia and is surrounded by rolling hills of soft grasses spotted with little trees. Beside us were a 3,000 year old olive tree and a 4,000 year old one. I climbed the oldest one and it was such a good feeling to do it. I climbed as high as I could and Blu the female dog followed me half way. It was so cool. I hung on to it’s gnarly branches that were strong and sturdy enough to hold me as I chose different route down than I had gotten up. 
Then she took me to a town called Luogo Sacro (Holy Place) and the near by hermitage where Franciscan monks lived and found relics of saint Nicolò. It’s called Eremo Trano (Hermitage). The rocks surrounding it are so large and smooth, some flat and some round with red and rose colored bubble-like plants growing out of them. The view from up there is amazing because you extend over a valley that leads to the blue sea in the distance. On your left down the valley is a town built into the hill like a gemstone in sits a ring. 
We came home and ate lunch with Paola’s friend. Then I took the most amazing nap -a deep sleep. Then I woke up and let Oli the cat sit on my chest in the sun. She loves catching rays so we both had a blast.
Then I cleaned: I dusted the furniture, cleaned the wooden table with the wood cleaning product, cleaned the couch, cleaned the cat’s room, my room and the kitchen/living room, cleaned the counters and stove tops, and washed the dishes. 
Then I went down to the fields to convince all the chickens and roosters to go into their cage. It was quicker tonight than usual and I caught them faster. The geese were in there too, their new home. They were watching the scene of me putting chickens one by one into their section and I wonder if they were scared living with 22 chickens. They made extra “peep peep” noises. 
Then Paola joined me and we separated the geese so they could sleep in their own cage and we put oil under the wings of the black chickens who still have red butts and loss of feathers. I am worried about them. I held each goose in my arms on my chest. I miss them so much since they no longer live on the porch:(  Before this, I saw one of them rip a piece of plastic off one of the panels in the chicken coop and eat it! I am freaking out about this and pray that it goes straight through the intestine and out in the poop! There was only ONE egg lain today and we don’t know why. I pray Paola can handle all this responsibility alone. 
Then I watered 29 lemon trees and picked the weeds surrounding them. Then I watered the fruit trees by the house, the lavender and the herbs. My mom called and we had an amazing chat. 
While talking with her I watched the sky turn over shade of blue and purple. The hills each took on their own cool shade. It was beautiful! So beautiful! 
Paola cooked an amazing snack net. Turkey and pomegranate with oregano in the slow cooker. It was SO FLAVORFUL and delicious. Mamma mia! So tender and the sauce so good you can sop it up with bread. So good I even drank it from off the plate. 
Then I sat in between Blu and Pippo on the couch and they both stayed there for an hour letting me pet them. I love them so much. It was the best feeling ever! 

Life in Italy - Day 1911 (2020) Trip to the Sea on a Cloudy Day

Mercoledì 20 Maggio 2020
Everyday my sleep schedule is determined by the noise Paola makes. Her speaking voice is a yell, ha! It’s just a normal thing for some. So either a door slamming or high pitched phone conversations determine if I sleep 5 or 7 hours each night. So today I was awoken at 6:30 in time to see another beautiful sunrise. We always hug each other right when we wake up. We then each drink a cup of HOT water, which works like clock work to make you poop; and then we drink a coffee with sugar & cacao in it. 
I called my brother and got to have an awesomely fun video chat with him and introduced him to Paola. It was a super fun conversation. Then Paola and I transported the three geese from the porch to their new home in the chicken coop. The chickens observed them, with a strange look on their face. 
I only cleaned minimally yesterday (for example eliminating dusting, removal of cobwebs, window cleaning, and mopping). Neither did I do those four things today and it just feels WRONG. I am so used to doing those daily, that cleaning stove tops counters, washing dishes, and sweeping seems like hardly anything! But that’s all I contributed to cleaning both days. And I covered my bathroom floor with a protective product to prevent stains from forming. 
Then I ate the lentil and quinoa soup from last night for breakfast and had a worship session to fill the house with the spirit of the one true Living God, the only one who truly sacrificed to set us free, who paid the price of death so we won’t die and eternal death. 
At 11, I went to check on the property to see how the geese were doing in their new environment and to see how Campione the horse is doing after he accidentally ate some stone powder that someone left uncovered in the barn. He’s okay though. I spent a long time stroking the bridge of his nose, admiring how defined the muscles of a horse’s face are. So many curves: the jaw bone, the cheek bone, the veins passing across the cheeks, the soft nostrils and wrinkled mouth. I just think horses are beautiful. At one point, he put his head on my shoulder. That was just the best moment!!! Then I spent time with the goats. Three of them let me pet them up close and for almost as long as I wished: the male goat, one of the moms, and one of the 3 month olds. The two adults are of the pure Sanem Race. The little goat who lets me pet him has a black vertical stripe on one of his horns. The male goat licks my neck, my face, buries his head down my shirt and bites my face, wrist and fingers because he’s trying to eat them.
Then I checked on the geese and found them chasing around the one chicken trapped in the coop with them. Poor thing was being beaked by the male goose, who was also chomping at her feathers. I liberated the chicken. We had left the geese cage outside the chicken coop in hopes to let them sleep there tonight but the goats had half-destroyed one of the four legs in half.
I went home to clean it couldn’t because we hosted two guests for lunch who came to resolve a problem. We served them cheese, salame and lentil soup. Then Paola took me to the sea!!!! We went down the descent from her house to the water where there are four bays of white  sand and light sage green short plants that grow out of the sand. It was amazing in color!!!! Bonnie the dog was with us. We walked around the bays which each come to a point that extends further into the sea out from shore so these points provide buffers from the wind. This means if you find wind in one bay, you go to the next one and find a calm sea. The water is transparent and teal. You can see al line hills in the distance, the same rocky ones that you can see from our house. 
We went home and I had to jump the fence with chicken food, water bottles for the geese, four crates to make the coop a more livable place for the chickens to lay eggs in. I had to jump it because Paola locks her property now. So I filled the water containers for the chickens and gave them new food. Then it took me ages to get every last chicken and rooster in there. It was a challenging time. I got more cuts - this time on my neck from a scared chicken. Paola has chosen an hour to put them in their cage that is too earlier. My friends keep telling me “at dusk” chickens will naturally return to their coop because they can’t see. They don’t naturally return but it is at least easier at that hour. Then we fed the goats together and the horses too. I took time to pet them all. 
Afterward we stopped by her good friend’s house down the road. He’s an older man who has a property situated on a hill that overlooks the sea. Mamma mia it was breathtaking! We arrived just in time to see the sunset, which I haven’t seen because Paola’s house faces east. This sunset was speckled with little clouds, each a color like pink, light blue, light orange. It was just like a dream. Down below you see the lights coming on at the port over the purest blue sea. Mario showed us his agriturismo which he designed by himself. There are six bedrooms and each smell fabulously clean and have a pleasant perfume of the GINEPRO tree which he placed as beams overhead. Those branches of the ginepro tree are curvy and have ridges and holes so pleasant to the eye, shellacked of a light tan color. Mario said he would want to work with me next year when he reopens after all this chaos blows over. I would LOVE that!!! 
Paola cooked Salmon for us tonight and it was delicious!!!! Then we let all 6 dogs sleep in the house with us tonight and I held Bonnie in my arms. We fell a sleep together on the bean bag. It was so cute. 

Life in Italy - Day 1910 (2020) Rainy Days Watching Movies & Helping Geese Walk

Martedì 19 Maggio 2020
I was woken up by slamming doors at 7 am- the USH (usual). It rained all morning and didn’t stop until 12:30. I did nothing all that time other than watch a movie and cuddle with two dogs. We even let the little goose in the house to practice walking in the dry warm house. He can’t. He/she can’t take normal steps. 
We finally went to check on the chickens to see if the two roosters were still alive since we’d left them all together in the coop until 2 pm today. They were alive and well so we gave them food and fixed up their coop a bit.
Then we finally ate at 4 pm- our first meal of the day. It was cylindrical pasta with pecorino cheese and crispy guanciale (pork cheeks) while watching Love and other Remedies starring Jake Gylenhall and Anne Hathaway. 
I had a video chat with my dad which was so encouraging. We shared an prayed. 
Then I swept, shook out all blankets and rugs, washed dishes and cleaned the stoves and counters. Then we hosted both a pharmacist and our friend Elio for dinner and a documentary. The film was exposing the CDC’s lies about the link between vaccines and autism. It was very disheartening. We ate lentil soup with quinoa.  Very healthy. 
I spoke to my dad on a video chat and we prayed together. 
The cows from the neighbor’s got loose a few days ago so we see them every night finding pasture in the German’s front yard. They’re out of town so we just laugh every time every time we see these cows grazing there unbeknownst to him. They are beautiful shades of brown like golden brown and tan and like a golden yellow. 
I gave the geese new food and fresh water and then let the last cat in, the late comer. I slept in the living room on the bean bag because I wanted to sleep next to Blu, the famale dog. 

Life in Italy - Day 1909 (2020) Sweet Interactions with Goats and Horses

Lunedì 18 Maggio 2020
I check my head every night for ticks but some bug bites woke me up at 6 am. I’m thinking some flees jumped on me from the 6 dogs. So yeah, a night of very little sleep. The cleaning lady arrived at 7 so I went down to the let out the chickens, fill their water, and clean up all their poop. I then joined Paola to watch her milk the goats. I took this chance to hold the baby goats because I missed them SO MUCH!!!! Let me tell you how adorable they are. One became completely calm in my arms and I held him for as long as my heart desired. I never wanted to let him go! He let me softly kiss his whole face and at one point even closed his eyes. 
I didn’t want to go play with the cleaning lady’s daughter for 3 hours, so I stayed with the animals I love: the horses! I couldn’t believe what happened. After I pet and softly caressed the eldest horse, Campione (32 years of age), he sat down on all fours and laid his head on the ground. He let me get up close right next to him and stroke his head while he lay there!!! 
I went grocery shopping with my host which was a blast. We realize daily how similar we are in tastes and personality. She cooked hamburgers and taught me it’s important to have the grill at high heat, get the grill hot, and that’s what cooks the outside more than the inside. We ate this with her homemade mayonnaise. 
She went for an errand and I noticed the geese were left with a dirty bed full of poop and they were being rained on, her had no drink or food. I cleaned out the bed, moved the whole cage to a dry covered place, and have them new grain, new weeds to eat, and clean water. Then I held the small baby one in my arms and she fell asleep. I will never forget this. It was a tender moment. She is so cute and it’s neat to see her eyelids close. I cleaned off her crusty fur that was dirty from dirt and poop under it got soft again. My host offered the goose to the daughter of the cleaning lady and I burst into tears. I can’t believe how attached I have become. It’s the second time I have cried while thinking about having to leave these animals. At least I have until next Monday with the goose before the daughter takes him/her home with her. 
Then I went inside and gave Blu the female dog a massage. She loves it!!!! 
It rained the entire day without stopping! All.Day.Long. The wind took the rain into the geese’s cage even on the porch so we pulled it even closer to the house and I re-did the whole thing dry and took a blanket to try each goose. Poor babies! They were wet with poopy wet. Ya know? I held the crippled baby one again she she fell asleep on my chest a second time. 
We went down in the rain: Paola to feed the goats, give them water and I to convince the chickens and roosters in their cage. It was earlier than dusk but I figured since it’s raining, they’d want to be inside. Wrong! I still had to chase five inside. But I got to cuddle with at least the shy and fearful rooster and one of the new black chickens. They are so precious. I filled their food and water in the rain. 
Then we fed the horses who are soaking wet too. 
I went home and had fantastic phone calls with my Sicilian friend Rosalba and American friend John. They were both such uplifting conversations bag filled my heart with love. Rosalba and Roberto, my two friends who are seamstresses said they have never received one penny of the money they are supposed to receive from the government called cassa integration. It’s a portion of one’s salary given to all bode who have not been fired. This makes me realize it we God’s provision that I got fired because I AM getting unemployment funds during this quarantine meanwhile those still with jobs have still not received the governmental funds promised them. I feel so sad for the many Italians trying to make ends meet. 
Paola then grilled pork chops for us and they were so crispy on the edges just how I like them! Afterward we gave each other thirty minute back and shoulder massages that were deep tissue and healing in nature! I watched a western film full of gorgeous country side scenes of mountains and valleys with loads of shiny horses running at top speed through them! I found Blu the female dog asleep in my room and I was SO HAPPY to have her company!!! 

Monday, May 25, 2020

Life in Italy - Day 1908 (2020) amazing trip to Capo Testa

Domenica 17 Maggio 2020
Having slept on the bean bag near Blu the female dog, I heard Paola come into the kitchen at 5:30 am. We gave each other a great big hug, made that first cup of coffee and I watched the golden sunrise from the porch with Blu by my side listening to worship music about the holiness and glory of God. I cleaned the geese’s cage, clearing it all the poop and giving them new water and food. I held them to my chest as I love to do. While Paola was down planting Hemp with her friend Elio, I cleaned the entire house: covered the bathroom tiles with product that protects it from scuff marks, dusted all furniture, shook out all blankets and rugs, wiped down the couch, deep cleaned the sink, counters and stove tops, and swept the floors. I then prayed for an hour over her bedroom so she can sleep better at night and over the whole house, declaring Jesus and the cross as LORD over this house, putting all the evil practices of false religion under His feet, I declared His reign and eminence over the house and territory surrounding it. Blu and Pippo the dogs stared at me the whole time. She came back to the house and told me “you’ve really become a friend in all this.” How cool to hear!!! 
P.S. My back has been healed of all pain since several days!!!! 
Then Paola took me on a special excursion to see one of her favorite locations in Sardegna: Capo Testa. Upon arrival , I was floored by the scenes of nature so alive and rich in various colors and textures. There were peach and light pink granite stones in attractive shapes and weaving in and around them were every shade of green plant you can imagine: even sage green and seafoam green in plants whose stems have unique shapes and textures. I know some of their names in Italian: mirto, cisto, and L’elicrisa. When you crush them in your hands they smell nice. Their are violet colors in the brush too and those red bubble like plants filled with water that grow in the rock and produce tiny violet blooms. All around the three sides of  the point of Capo Testa are beaches with turquoise blue water. The turquoise I love to look at! Oh man how soft it is on the eyes to reach the seaside after 7 months without it. It’s like a long exhale. She then took me on a hike that leads down down down a long descent into a flourishing valley surrounded by huge granite rose rocks that surround you like the arms of a hug. Some are talk towering rectangles. Others are tall towering round mounds. Some are like an empty eggshell you can crawl into. We continued down to the water’s edge and it was wild and wavy down there with different rocks that are hard and grainy like meteors look. After the hike back up she took me by car to two beaches near by that were calm waters, buffered by land so the wind can’t stir up the water. When I laid eyes on one of these bays, called Baia Santa Reparata, I thought “I would love to stay HERE for the next three months.” The other bay is near Colonne Romane and is called Zia something. We got out and the beauty rejuvenated me completely. I could have stayed there for hours. It was a sea that changes color as the water gets deeper: it was first crystal clear, then light baby blue, then bright teal blue and then royal blue. All this with a back drop of rugged hills behind it. It was my first day in the water since October 25!! I got in up to my thighs. We stayed for about 15 minutes, absorbing these extravagant beauty with all the five senses!!! 
We returned home to her friend and took care of all the animals’ feeding times: I the chickens, roosters and geese, she the goats, dogs and cats. Both of us fed the horses. Though it takes a long time to put the chickens in and their fear of being captured by me saddens me, I love to cuddle each one, petting them individually and stroking their chests. I watered the lavender, the fruit trees and the agrumi (lemon trees) as Paola prepared a lovely LENTIL soup in the steam cooker. She added Indian spices and we served it to Elio, the vegetarian. I cleaned everything in the kitchen afterward. 
We watched a Documentary together called Vaxed about how the CDC tried to purposely hide factual information about his vaccines cause autism, especially in African American males. The parents speak! 
I slept on the bean back so I could be near Blu, the female dog I’ve become attached too. 

Life in Italy - Day 1907 (2020) Anointing the HouseJ with Prayer

Sabato 16 Maggio 2020
Today I got up at 7:30 by dogs barking. So I went and cuddled with Bonnie one of the female dogs. Paola then came in full of energy having already fed the goats, horses and let the chickens out. She is on a “who needs men?” kick. She then cook us omelets with the eggs from her chickens and the scallions from her garden. It was SO GOOD. 
Then she asked me to go down to Antonio, who is packing up all his stuff, to ask him how the irrigation system he installed amongst the lemon trees works. Since I miss Antonio, who hasn’t been to the house in over 4 days, I spent several hours talking to him. It was good. I talked to him also about Jesus and how he can have a personal relationship with Him. Antonio has thought God is too busy to worry about the details of our lives. 
Then I explained to Paola HOW the irrigation he installed works and I then spent half an hour watering the lemon trees. Then I went home and cleaned! I dusted the furniture, cleaned the wooden table and end tables with pledge, I cleaned dog spit off the windows, I washed tons of dishes, cleaned the stoves and counters and both swept and mopped. The sad news is I noticed I damaged yet another thing. We keep her wine glasses in an antique piece of wooden furniture and one time I put three wine glasses in there without DRYING them and now there are three rings left permanently in the wood. I am so mad at myself and definitely am learning a lot here about how to care for precious things. I won’t make that mistake again.
An argument between my hosts broke out so I went into my room and prayed at the top of my lungs in tongues (secret prayer language given to us the Spirit of God) and I cast out the demons of rebellion, insecurity, rage, fear, wrath, rejection, rancor and false religion. After this, Paola came crying into my room and said “Grazie che stai cacciando il male”
(thank you for casting out the bad).  
Later, we ate. Paola cooked a special pasta. She started with the basics: in a saucepan put olive oil and garlic cloves in still in their covering. When the oil smells like garlic, add three cans of tuna fish with one grated lemon rind. She adds the pasta into the saucepan with a ladle of the pasta water. At the end she adds FRESH parsley. We drank the best Sardinian white wine with it called Diffidente by Asinara house.  
I felt so much compassion and sadness for Blu the female dog because she begs me to run with her down to the vineyard like we always did the first month. I can also tell she is majorly grieving because Antonio is leaving and the has been tension on many levels. She came up to me twice today and licked my face. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me!! 
So while she was kissing me I hoped she felt refilled with love lost in these days, just like she fills my love tank. I let the geese roam freely while I kept an eye on them so they won’t eat our whole garden of salad. See, I also feel great internal sadness for the geese when they are not free. When Blu and the Geese don’t feel free, I feel badly because freedom is the commodity I value more than all the others!!!! 
So after this free time I gave the geese, we finally gave Blu her dream of going out free. It happened when I went down to put the chickens in their coop. The scene that transpired was hilarious because I saw Paola there trying to get all the chickens inside using two long sticks, crouched down low. Oh man, how many laughs. Tonight it was harder than ever to put them in because they’d ventured out further in the fields than before to search for food. So I had to enlarge my range for the chase. I had to go into a field by sneaking through trees and coming out around them from the back so that the chickens had no other option but to head for the cage. I cuddled each and every chicken I caught because the poor things are afraid. So I stroke their feathers and kiss their heads. 
Then I went to look at the goats because I miss them. The scene I saw was SO precious. They are all lain down to sleep. Two mom goats had their heads leaning on the cute lite bodies of their baby goats, all cuddled up close together. I saw a brother baby goat with his head leaning in his sister goat and their mom goat leaning her head in them so ur was all three leaning on the other. I took Blu to check on the chickens again because I love them. They were all lined up on the ledge sleeping, all twenty two of them!!! So precious! 
Then I went to spend time with the horses. They weren’t super into it because they were chipping on weeds, grass, and pats but I stole all the caressed I wanted from both Rio and Campione. I noticed so many beautiful birds in these days: many with with lime green wings and chest, others with bright yellow and black stripes on their wings. Absolutely gorgeous!!! 
Then Paola came to the field to water the hemp but we don’t know how to work Antonio’s irrigation system. She figured it out but we had to unscrew to bolts to but the wire one the roller and re-secure the nuts and bolts so that the wire would roll along the roller to move the tube across the entire field. Paola pointed out how many beautiful BRIGHT yellow wildflower are in the field. It was ablaze!!
Then we went to the house, I filled the geese’s cage with new weeds and grain to eat, water and a clean bed. Then I watered all the fruit trees on the north of the house, the lavender field and the fresh herbs. 
We ate fresh arugula grown in her garden with sunflower seed, pumpkin seeds and ricotta cheese! It was fresh and healthy. 
I decided to sleep in the living room because it is the most peaceful place in the house and Blu was on the couch nearby, so that brought me great comfort!