Saturday, January 16, 2021

Errands with Mom

 Mercoledì 13 Gennaio 2020

My chiropractor and I had a spurt of uncontrollable laughter when he pressed on of the discs of my back and I got incredibly ticklish. It was hilarious that he caught the laughter big with me, a professional bowled over with giggles. He thanked me for the laugh. I asked if he knew Jesus and he said he grew up Catholic but doesn’t subscribe to it so I told him I hope he comes go feel Jesus’ love deep down! 

Mom took me to Hivolt coffee shop where we had the most exquisite egg and mushroom quiche. The crust was so buttery and flakey! 

We then went to run errands together all day looking for a dresser to fit in her new bedroom. 

I got to share the good news of Jesus’ forgiveness and guidance with the store clerk Meda the Egyptian, & two employees who work at Marshall’s Elmwood!!! 

Then I finished watching a show based on a true story about two Roman girls who get caught up in a prostitution ring when they were only 14 and luckily got rescued from it. 

My Childhood Friend took Me Out Again

 Martedì 13 Gennaio 2020

I attended a two hour course online for my translator schooling at my dad’s office It was as boring as it could ever be. 

My mom was my cheuffeur before and after and we picked up coffee. She has been so nice. 

Then I talked to my childhood friend named Andrew again and learned what he’s been doing for the last 20 years. He went to university for sociology, did an internship and Disney world, worked 3 months for my own father in real estate, then for Army Corps of engineers to survey hurricane Katrina damage, and then learned quick money in tech so he got the first computer Comodor 64 and then Tandi, got certified  SISCO, Avis, and Att&T. It all made him a lot of money but it always felt forced since he is more of a people person than to be behind a desk. He worked in tech for his parents’ church for 10   years despite not believing in God. Now he’s left it all and wants to “follow his bliss” by opening a retest center for corporate bonding and wellness. 

Then my mom and I spent time lying around and I prayed for the state of our nation. 

My friend Jonathan, another childhood friend picked me up, and we ate a burger and fries with an IPA at the Yacht Club. He introduced me to more friends so we never really had that much one on one time. He tried to read Italian to me and did an amazing job with the pronunciation.

Jonathan seems to like to show me who his friends are, how much they take to him for his winsome personality, and how many well-known people he’s met. His friends are 20 years older than him, attorneys and MIT graduates, corporate owners. Most he has met when he managed suites and banquets at the Royal Sonesta and forged relationships with the leaders of many big companies who paid for private suites for parties. Others he’s met just by being the super friendly guy he is, talkative and engaging as he is. He has apps he wants to create, he has an idea of developing community gardens and his dream is to own properties in five places: Ibiza, Ronda Spain, Orlando, Austin and New Orleans. He is dating 3 girls at one time to get to know better what he is looking for in a woman! He’s got business ideas brewing. My brother came to join us and we ate cheesecake at Andrea’s. The chef came out to talk to us as he does with every guest and I got to speak Italian with him!!! It was so much fun to do so. He told us amazing stories about his big move from Capri to Switzerland to become a chef then to Germany and finally to America. He learned six languages along the way and has worked at 5 star hotels. His famous quote is “this is my house; you are welcome here.” He has hilarious stories about when he bought his first car here which was a lemon and when his picture was taken on the Newspaper for having been accused of illegally buying redfish but he had nothing to do with that crime and it only gave him good publicity. 

Hanging Out w/Childhood Friend Ross

 Lunedì 11 Gennaio 2020

I spent time with my childhood friend Ross. We stayed at the coffee shop talking for hours. I learned that he chose his major by looking at a list for of majors just to find what would allow him to travel the most so he chose international studies. But he didn’t finish it because he felt it all a bunch of brain-washing hog wash about socialism and one world government is gonna be soooo great. He worked with his dad on cars, then in LA for a Mormon guy’s installation company, and since he’s been working in film and TV sets which he loves. He went back to school to finish out his degree and in the meantime learned Spanish and went to Mexico, Barcelona Spain, Northern Ireland and studied German for 2 months in Innsbruck, Austria. My brother joined us and we talked about the times before Jesus’ return- his one works government will try to force us to give our allegiance in order to buy and sell. 

Then Ross took me to a junk yard to buy oarts to repair his own car, and then to the mall to buy his girlfriend a shirt. 

I fasted a prayed today for my friend and his brother to end their disputes over their parents’ will and be at peace together. The prayer lasted 6 hours and God spoke to me about a lot of things during it. About His endless love for me too. Sieze the Day. Let us be about our Father’s business. His praises will  be on my lips both now and forever. Strong in battle; strong in might. The Victory is already won. 

Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints

 Domenica 10 Gennaio 2020

Dad was singing praises to Jesus this morning in his bedroom and it was a welcomed sound. 

I attended church and the pastor said: Who are you going to believe? Believe the Word of God. God always comes through to get His will accomplished, even using the most creative and funny means: a shocker basket that Moses was hid in, bushels/stacks of flax the two Israelites his under at Rahab’s house. 

There’s safety IN the covenant of God. He uses anyone, ever prostitutes, who repent and trust in Him. Accept God’s terms and live. Joshua 2. 

Mom made the most delicious lunch of mustard encrusted sirloin steak, herb roasted potatoes and elegant spinach with horseradish. 

Mom and dad watched the Saints game while I studied Italian translation for hours. 

Then we watched a cowboy policeman series which was fun. 

Long Walks Uptown New Orleans

 Sabato 9 Gennaio 2020

Becky and I got strong coffee and egg croissants from French Truck. We had good long talks about spiritual manipulation that sometimes occurs in churches wherein people use God and certain select scriptures to control you. It’s important to get healing for this and there is an amazing book on Spiritual Abuse that helps you make heads out of tails if you are one who’s gone through this. It was so good to talk about our shared experiences and churches God gave us to call “community” now that are healthy, life giving and vibrant. We went on a walk to Audubon park and saw beautiful ducks with the most amazing colors and designs on their faces, including emerald green and red. I also saw pretty white Egrets, tiny birds with bright colors, and friendly dogs with soft tan coats who let me pet them for a long time. 

I walked uptown for four hours and saw stunning houses on Palmer, Octavia, Everett and State Street. I walked for so long every muscle hurt. So many stately homes with Victorian architecture, balconies, carved wood work and wrap-around porches. Now I have walked every street of Uptown. 

Mom and dad picked me up from way over there and we had a nice ride home together. Mom had made Spicy lentil and carrot soup and I ate three bowls of it. We then watched an Australian pastor who talked about how much God wants to spend time with us and how some Christians oblige him it of obligation to check off a to-do list of “shoulds” But God wants to develop a love relationship with us where we want to be with Him because it’s enjoyable and gives us the very life we have.

My Brother Takes Us To Junkyards

 Venerdì 8 Gennaio 2020

I rode around with mom and Jordan. We saw the wasteland of New Orleans east. Way out in the nothingness of the marsh are junk yards that contain thousands of crushed cars. He brought us over the inter coastal canal and explained what happens when man cuts through marsh- it weakens it. He drove us down Read boulevard where my first elementary school classes were held and the first church I attended was, the first play ground I played on was. I was flooded with sensory memories and they are all good. Old friends came to mind. Then we drove down Lake Forest Blvd which is wide and beautiful, with a median down the middle and beautiful homes on the other side of if. Mom treated us to Gumbo and fried chicken. She was in the mood for fried food and wanted to give us a treat. 

Took a 3 hour nap cuz I awesome kind of tiredness overwhelmed me. My mom too. 

My mom drove me to my old friend’s house uptown where I spent time with her in the backyard playing with Rosie the dog who barks at gawking crows. It’s so funny! We went grocery shopping and cooked with this friend, Becky, spinach pasta with tomato sauce and garlic bread. We played Mario Brothers on her Nintendo which is hilarious. 

Mom’s Amazing Cooking

 Giovedì 7 Gennaio 2020

I studied all morning, turned in my homework and called grandma because it seems she tells more alone than ever, not having the eye sight good enough to watch tv. My sister called and talked to my mom and I. 

After watching some tv series with my mom, we both took an hour nap

Mom made a DELICIOUS DINNER Skirt steak doused in Worsterchire sauce with Fennel Slaw

Childhood friend Jonathan R called and tried to say I am meant to be his girl and the only thing standing between us is Italy 🤣😂🤣😂